SATURDAY, JUNE 27, 2020 | Rain Date: SUNDAY, JUNE 28, 2020
A bit less conventional, but no less entertaining!  We are so excited!
Recital Email 6.26.20
Lebanon KOA on Salmon Falls River
21 Flat Rock Bridge Rd
Lebanon, ME 04027
Coming from Salmon Falls Road in Rochester, the entrance is to the left. If you're coming from River Road in Lebanon, the entrance will be on the right. 


A $20 recital fee has been charged to all performers.  This fee allows 3 guests only (one car only) the day of the show and a link to our shareable livestream.


Each show will run about an hour.  There will not be a dress rehearsal. We will take a moment with our younger students to make sure they feel comfortable to dance before we open the livestream; therefore, there could be pauses please make your family and friends aware.   

You may start to arrive 30 mins before your scheduled time.  You may enter and watch the entire hour performance that your performer is scheduled to perform in. 

9:30am - Senior Showcase

11am - Monday/Tuesday classes

1:30pm - Wednesday classes

3pm - Thursday classes

4:30pm - Friday classes



  • Only one car per student will be allowed in. Exception: senior showcase, if needed.

  • We need to follow strict social distancing guidelines and encourage everyone to wear masks. 

  • On a piece of paper you need to BOLDLY Display your child's first name class time and their teacher, this should be displayed in your front window of your car as you enter the parking lot. For Ex:  Siena - Monday 5pm Jazz w/ Mandy.

  • Once the show time your dancers are involved in is over, you are asked to exit.  

Performers: 109ers should arrive in their costume hair and make up done.  There are no dressing rooms available if you are only in one number. Dancers who have multiple classes can use those and or a tented area where we will have to change costumes.  However, if you have your own changing tent or even a small tent that you could bring yourselves you can limit contact with others, that is strongly suggested.  There will be access to a bathhouse, but  MASKS need to be worn while inside the restrooms.

Lining Up: When lining up, 109ers should line up to stage right. (when looking at the stage that is to the left side) performers will exit to the left.  Younger dancers NEED to have 1 parent stand in line with them to help keep the order and to help keep social distancing. A 109 staff member will be there to make sure the line up is available for each show. 


​Everything you bring in needs to go home with you.  Please help us keep this area clean and ready for their July 1st opening.  

  • Printed Line-Up/Program

  • Chairs or blankets

  • Lunch or snacks if you're there for more than 1 show. 

  • Pop-up tents are allowed to help with shading please just be polite and watch where you are putting up your tents.  They should be further back and nowhere near the front of the stage.  

  • Water bottles

  • Sunscreen

  • Bug Spray

  • Hand Sanitizer   

  • Senior Showcase and PT performers should bring those items plus:

    • Clorox wipes

    • Garbage bag

    • A blanket or sheet that will mark their spots in the backstage area. 


As always, shut your phones off…LIVE IN THE MOMENT.  There are NO video or pictures allowed during our performances.  Keeping your performers safe is our number one priority. We do NOT give our permission to video any of our numbers.  We have assigned people to record performances and to take pictures. That will be put up on our website. 

Click to download the Recital Line-Up/Program.

** We have students who are not allowed to have their picture or video taken so please be respectful of these situations. 


There is NO photography during the actual show, and NO videos allowed. The performance will be videotaped by Gerber Video Productions and these quality videos can be purchased for a very reasonable price. All orders and payments need to be handed into Gerber Video directly. Forms are available at rehearsals and the recitals.

** We have students who are not allowed to have their picture or video taken so please be respectful of these situations. 

See below:


Gerber Video will be recording our recital and DVDs are available for purchase.  Paper forms will be available that day, are currently at the studio or you can download below.

Download the form


Bryce Twombley has taken group class photos this week which can be purchased the day of recital. You you can also have a solo, duet pictures taken at recital. 


The link was distributed to families on Friday June 26, 2020

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