11:00 Recital Line Up FINAL (updated 6.5.21)
1:30 Recital Line Up FINAL (updated 6.5.21)
3:30 Recital Line Up FINAL (updated 6,5,21)
It's Recital Week Email 6.14.21 (click to download)
Rochester Opera House
31 Wakefield Street
Rochester, NH
There will be 4 different shorter shows to accommodate safety guidelines. The show times are 11am, 1:30pm, 3:30pm and 6pm.
Drama Students:  Your show time will be the last show of the day at 6pm.


Mark your calendars! Dress rehearsal will be untraditional this year as we will take the opportunity to run each recreational dance class on stage. Most classes will be held at the same time but instead of going to the Studio, please go to the Rochester Opera House. PLEASE NOTE: There are a couple classes that are at different times, please check the link to confirm your time. Click to view the dress rehearsal schedule

June 14, 15, 16

At Rochester Opera House 

Only one parent is be permitted inside during dress rehearsals - no siblings.

* During the week of June 14th, we will hold our recreational dance classes at the Rochester Opera House. These classes will be their dress rehearsal (running their dances on the actual stage with lighting, etc.).

**PT dancers will be scheduled for a rehearsal for team routines only.


​This year's t-shirt is for purchase, and not required like previous years as we cannot have a finale. The cost is $17 or $20 with name added to sleeve. It will make a great memento! Orders were due Friday, May 7th.


Recital tickets will be sold on:

  • June 10th 5-7pm

  • June 11th 4:30-6:30pm

  • June 12th 9-11am

Each dancer will be able to purchase one more ticket. If more than that is needed your name will go on a list and be notified after Saturday, if available.


Each dancer will be allowed two guests. Tickets will be issued to parents the week of June 7th-11th once all invoices have been paid.  It will be strictly 2/3 people (a child, no matter the age, is counted as one). Dancers are always free in the show they perform in. We are hoping that an additional ticket can be purchased. 

Recreation Students: If your performer is in more than one routine we always try to do our best to keep them in one show, but sometimes we cannot make that happen. 

Performance Troupe Students:

You will be in all shows and the cost will be invoiced to you.

Drama Students:

Drama students you will be in the last show of the evening and the stage is yours.  The dance portion of the recital will be over which means you are able to invite more guests for $10 per ticket.  The cost of this show is available to anyone who would like to purchase a ticket to see what our drama students have been accomplishing in class.


Dancers will not be required to wear masks on stage.  There was an email sent that asked to let us know by June 1st if you would like your dancer in a mask.  

Audience members are not required to wear masks once seated.


As always, shut your phones off…LIVE IN THE MOMENT.  There are NO video or pictures allowed during our performances. Keeping your performers safe is our number one priority. We do NOT give our permission to video any of our numbers. We have assigned people to record performances and to take pictures. That will be put up on our website. 

** We have students who are not allowed to have their picture or video taken so please be respectful of these situations. 


There is NO photography during the actual show, and NO videos allowed. The performance will be videotaped by Gerber Video Productions and these quality videos can be purchased for a very reasonable price. All orders and payments need to be handed into Gerber Video directly. Forms are available at rehearsals and the recitals.

** We have students who are not allowed to have their picture or video taken so please be respectful of these situations. 

See below:


Videos will be available to be purchased from Gerber Video, which can be purchased up to the day of the event.  We also do have some order forms at the studio.  Please let someone know at the door that you would like one.  There will be no one else allowed to record.

Download the form


Bryce Twombley will be taking class photo's the week of June 7th.  There will be picture envelopes given out the week before.


We will be able to now live stream the event for the first three shows only.  This info will be coming shortly.