Our recital is held at Noble a High School in North Berwick, Maine. It's a wonderfully exciting time for us to share all that we have learned in class with our family and friends! We encourage you to invite them all! 

MAD / Finale Rehearsals (mandatory) 
This rehearsal is for all dancers in the recital to get together to work on the finale number. It is imperative that you plan to attend your assigned rehearsal. Our finales involve every dancer in that particular show, and since there are two shows with different dances in each show, you need to be at ALL of the MAD Rehearsals that your dancer is involved with.  This is a mandatory rehearsal for all students to come together to practice the finale.  This is the time they will be given their place in the finale dance. MAD rehearsal is held at the studio.


These rehearsals are critical to ensure students know their lines and steps. The finale is the last number of the recital and will combine all dancers - so we want this number to be clean and exciting for all to see. Recital t-shirts will be handed out at this time. 

The MAD rehearsals are held at Studio 109. 

DATE: May 31, 2019
•    4:30-5:30pm - Saturday 1pm Show 
•    5:45-6:45pm - Saturday 6:30pm Show 

There will also be a Tutus for Tatas Relay for Life Lularoe fundraiser there from 4-7pm 


Dress Rehearsals (mandatory) 

Much like MAD rehearsal, there is a dress rehearsal for each recital. There are two recitals, and therefore there are two dress rehearsals. These are mandatory rehearsals to set the stage for each dance, rehearse lighting, place props, practice curtains, etc. Dress rehearsals are also very important for your student as they familiarize themselves with the stage setting. Dress rehearsals are held at Noble High School in North Berwick, Maine.  If your child is in one number, you will only be in one recital.

Please arrive at Noble High School NO LATER THAN 4pm. Dress rehearsals are generally over by 8pm, but COULD run over. We will run the opening and the finale more than once so that everybody feels comfortable with their performances and placement. Only one family member is allowed at Dress Rehearsal - this is not the time for family/friends. Parents leaving should be back by 7pm. However, all children under 12 need to have a parent present at rehearsal. 

Dress rehearsal hours may seem to be exceptionally long to you; however, the reason you have dress rehearsal is to take care of any bugs for the night of the recital. We understand that this might be later than some of you would like for your younger ones, however this is to prepare them for the big day/night and it only happens once a year. So, make sure we all take our naps that day! 

Make sure to bring snacks and water! You are not allowed to eat in the auditorium. 

The dress rehearsals are held at Noble High School. 


  • Wednesday, June 5 - 4-8pm - Saturday 1pm Show

  • Thursday, June 6 - 4-8pm - Saturday 6:30pm Show


All shows (and dress rehearsals) will be at Noble High School in North Berwick, ME. The school has a beautiful air-conditioned auditorium and there is not a bad seat in the house. All vehicles MUST be IN A PARKING SPACE at all times or you will be ticketed and/or towed. This is a NO SMOKING campus. This includes your vehicle. 

Location Address:

388 Somersworth Road

N. Bewick, ME 


Doors will open 30 minutes before the start of the recital. All performers should arrive at least one (1) hour before the start of each show. The shows will run approximately 2.5 hours with a 15-20 minute intermission. 

Recital #1: 1:00pm

Recital #2: 6:30pm


Tickets will be on sale at the Studio 109 front desk TBD. All accounts will need to be up-to-date before tickets can be purchased (including June tuition). No refunds/exchanges. We encourage you to include friends and family to share in this special event. Ticket prices are as follows: 

Single show - $20
Double combo show - $35

Same price at studio or the door



The line up indicating what show(s) your child is posted at the front desk at Studio!  If your child is in multiple numbers, or if there is more than one child, we do our best to keep everyone in the same recital, but it is not always possible. You will need to attend the following rehearsals for each of the shows your dancer is in (all dates are located on our online calendar)



ALL of our dancers with the exception of our intro. dancers are in the recital finale and will need to have a recital finale tee-shirt... not only are they required for our recital finale dancers, but it makes a wonderful keep sake for students and parents! And of course, our intro. dancers are welcome to purchase finale shirts as well! Please note dancers who do not have a tee shirt will not be permitted to be in the Finale. This will be strictly enforced.  Deadline to order was: April 19th. Orders placed after the deadline will incur a $5 late fee (applied at the time of order by our online vendor).

Recital T-shirts will be distributed on MAD rehearsal night only. Please make arrangements to pick up. Accounts will need to be current. 

All students are required to have a recital T-Shirt for our recital finale. Please treat your recital/finale T-shirt like a costume and refrain from wearing before the recital. 


This year, for both girls and boys - Recital Tee Shirts need to be pared with your black bottoms- shorts, pants, leggings, tutus (for minis), etc... If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to ask Mandy.


Please review the book at the front desk for specific hair/make-up information about your class(es).  

Most hair for the show is a ponytail or bun depending on what your teacher has decided. However, there are a few classes who have different hair styles –please check the recital book at the front desk. 

Recital makeup is heavier than every day - everyone is expected to wear it so they will have a face on stage under all the lights. Our style make-up is more natural reds and blues. On the eyelid, dancers should have brown eye shadow with a cream or white highlight under the brow. Blush should be applied heavy enough to accent the cheekbones... use a light pink to beige color to achieve this. Lipstick should be light pink for minis, and darker pinks for all others. Performance Troupe members should wear red. Mascara should be worn by anyone eight years old and up. Eyeliner is also a great way to open your eyes on stage. Fake eyelashes are also a wonderful way to give you great stage eyes. 

Please remember all dancers need something to cover up their costumes at dress rehearsal and the day of the show. No one will be allowed in the auditorium with costumes showing.


We have wonderful stage assistants and runners to assist with Recital - these folks know how the recitals should be run and will make sure your dancer is safe, ready and excited to go on stage. They will also be meeting you at the auditorium doors to take your dancers to the stage entrance. Parents, we don't want you to miss the show. 
Your child needs to be back stage five (5) numbers before their performance. You will bring your child over to the doors to your right and drop them with the designated runner (who will be introduced to you at dress rehearsal). This is to eliminate the crowds in the doorways during the shows. They will bring your child to the stage door where their teacher and or assistant will be waiting for them. 

After they perform, they will be returned to the same set of doors no later the two (2) numbers later. Unless there is a quick costume change for your child please work with us this year and help keep the movement down to a minimum in the auditorium. 

Our shows are very entertaining and we want the audience to enjoy all. No one wants people getting up and walking around during their child's number. DO NOT stand up or move around during numbers, wait until the number is over please. Thank you! 


There is NO flash photography during the actual show, and NO videos allowed. The performance will be videotaped by Gerber Video Productions and these quality videos can be purchased for a very reasonable price. All orders and payments need to be handed into Gerber Video directly. Forms are available at rehearsals and the recitals. 



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If you would like to place an ad or make a donation, please fill out the form on the bottom of this sheet and return it to us with your payment. The deadline for placing an ad will be announced.

Recital Program Ad Form (pdf)


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