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Studio 109 Dance, Voice & Drama
Presents Don’t Stop The Party

View this document with all of the recital details. (updated 5.21.24)


Noble High School​

100 Noble Way

North Berwick, ME 03906


1pm and 6pm


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Finale Rehearsal at Studio 109 - May 17th

  • 5:30-6:30pm  if you are in the 1pm recital

  • 6:30-7:30pm  if you are in the 6pm recital

Recital Dress Rehearsal at Noble High School

  • FULL COSTUME, including hair and makeup

  • Please be sure you have your Finale Shirt, paired with whatever you need (listed below) -

  • Wednesday, ​June 12th for the 1pm recital, 4-8pm

  • Thursday, June 13th for the 6pm recital, 4-8pm

  • Ending times can vary - If your 109er’s guardian for the day has to step out for any reason, please be sure to be on property no later than 7pm in case of an early dismissal.


*One parent/guardian may accompany the dancer to dress rehearsal.  There will be no one else allowed in. It is not the time for anyone else, including siblings to watch.  ​

*If your dancer is only in one show that is the only rehearsal for you to attend.
*Tickets will not be sold at rehearsals.​

We offer digital programs only! Please feel free to open and download to your phones or tablet devices for a greener approach to a program. You can also choose to print out the pages you need for your show at home if you’d like to do so.

A QR Code will be available at dress rehearsal and recital. This code will be  posted everywhere for access to the digital program

These are just drafts of  the line up. The final program will be ready at dress rehearsal.

Everyone will wear their Finale Shirt paired with:

  • Mini's PLAIN black leggings (no print/design), light suntan tights, jazz or ballet shoes

  • Junior's/Petite's/Teen's/Adults.. PLAIN black leggings (no print/design), light suntan tights, jazz or ballet shoes

  • Performance Troupe...PT leggings, black tights, black jazz shoes

  • Tap shoes ONLY for those told they would be tapping (teens/adults)

Recital T-Shirt was ordered online and a requirement to be in the finale.

See photos to the right: The top picture to the right shows a center part, no fly-aways, tight bun with hairspray and gel holding it in place. This is the way your dancer's hair should be unless otherwise directed by your instructor. The bottom pictures show what NOT to do.

​Standard Makeup is to be worn unless it is directed differently on the recital doc.

  • Intro, mini's, petites: brown eye shadow on lower lid & cream eye shadow on upper lid, pink blush, pink lipstick (unless told differently by instructor)

  • Juniors, teens, adults: foundation, brown eye shdow on lower lid & cream eye shadow on upper lid, pink blush, black eyeliner, black mascara, red lipstick

Please don't hesitate to ask for assistance!

Recital tickets go on sale May 22nd!

  • $22 each

  • $25 at door, if not sold out

  • $100 ticket bundle, 5 tickets - 2 per student

We are offering a military discount for those active or retired for $20 each w/ military ID.

We will sell tickets every day we are open and on the day of the recital, if not sold out.

We will not be selling tickets during Dress Rehearsal.

All accounts must be paid in full, this includes June tuition; excludes summer balance.

  • Cash/Card only

  • We cannot hold a ticket, charge to account on file, or take payment over the phone.

  • No refunds or exchanges

  • Everyone needs a ticket, except for infants under the age of 1 not occupying a seat.

  • Please make sure you know which recital time you need, especially if you are sending someone in to buy your tickets.

Videography -
 ImaJenAtion Photo & Video The performance will be videotaped by ImaJenAtion Photo & Video and these quality videos.  All orders and payments will be ordered directly online. There is NO videography during the show. DVD option is only available until show day.

Photography -
Bryce Twombley will be taking class photos the week of June 3rd during your 109ers regular class time. All students are to wear their class recital costume with correct tights and hair done, like for recital, and light make up. These pictures can ONLY be done on your 109ers actual class day so please mark your calendar. Classes will still being held.  There will be picture envelopes given out the week before. There is NO photography during the show.

As always, shut your phones off…LIVE IN THE MOMENT. There are NO videos or pictures allowed during our performances. Keeping your performers safe is our number one priority. We do NOT give our permission to video any of our numbers. We have assigned people to record performances and to take pictures that will be put up on our website. If we see anyone taking pictures or recording during a performance you will be asked to leave, please let all your guests know in advance.

​** We have students who are not allowed to have their picture or video taken so please be respectful of these situations.

Auditorium doors open 30 min before showtime. General admission will be to the left as you enter, and the handicap entrance will be to the right.

​Concessions:  Will be CASH ONLY. All items are $1. This is only open during intermission. Only water is allowed in the auditorium.

​Etiquette: When there is a dance performing on stage do NOT stand up until the dance is done.  Do NOT walk in during a dance on stage and go sit down, please wait until the dance is over.  We don’t want anyone to miss their 109er on stage by someone walking in front of them. The doors into the auditorium will be closed while there is a performance on stage and will open briefly in-between.

If you have a dancer that you need to bring to the side door or pick up, you will need to be sitting along the side aisles and the upper level. Please do not sit in the middle or lower level. Your dancer should be with you at all times unless they are backstage at their dedicated time, which is 5 numbers before their dance. They should not be walking around or hanging out in the dressing room. This goes for all 109ers, recreational and performance troupe members.
Performers: 109ers should arrive one hour before (not any earlier) in their costume with hair and makeup done with a cover up over their costume. (Bathrobe, mom or dads oversized button up shirt, etc.). There will be no one allowed into the auditorium with their costume on unless it is covered until after they have performed. Once you have performed you do not need to cover your costume. If you need help with hair and makeup, we will have someone dedicated to this, please bring your supplies.

At the end of the recital ALL MINI’S & PETITE’S will remain on the stage for pick up. We are going to eliminate the congestion in the hallway after the finale. Please let us see you before you take them.

Thank you for being a part of the 109 family! We appreciate you and all your support to your dancer and Studio 109 Dance, Voice & Drama.

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