What is Introduction to Dance?


Unique to the Rochester area, this introduction to dance class is perfect for your little one! Children will discover the joy of dance through movement, by playing games, using props, playing with instruments and listening to fun songs! For children 18 months to 3 years old.

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  • JAZZ

  • TAP




  • POM



Studio 109 offers a wide variety of recreation and competitive classes in dance.  In addition to regularly scheduled classes, Studio 109 offers camps and workshops that allow dancers to experience other genres and instructors from outside our studio.


We are focused on nurturing the growth and development of every dance, offering instruction for beginners to advanced in a variety of styles:








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What is Adaptive Dance?


Adaptive dance is a movement exploration for children with medical, physical or learning impairments. Through the use of movement and dance, children will;


  • Work on body awareness

  • Motor planning

  • Coordination & fitness

  • Balance

  • Focus and use of props such as scarves, balls, etc.

  • Practicing social skills in structured activities


The program is sensory-motor based with many opportunities for language and social skills development. Children will learn a variety of dance steps, games and other activities that will have everyone moving to the music. Props such as scarves, balls, and obstacle courses are often used to enhance overall confidence as well as the ability to participate in a group setting. Parent/volunteer assistance may be required for the younger age groups or for those with limited movement.

What Wedding Choreography is Offered?


Couples Dances - let us help you choreograph your first dance!


  • One hour lesson - $75

  • 5 one-hour lessons - $250

  • 10 one-hour lessons - $400


Group Numbers - have your wedding party learn a fun dance number to celebrate your big day!


  • 1 two-hour lesson + a 30 minute refresh "dress-rehearsal" before the big event (up to twelve) - $200

Studio 109 Price List​

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