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Stephanie Jones

-Studio 109 business manager and instructor since 2014
-Bachelor of Science in Business Management
-Involved with Studio 109 since it opened its doors in 1998 until 2010 handling office management and teaching dance classes, alongside her sister, Mandy and mother, Jennifer.
-Stephanie has been a preschool teacher assistant, and teacher, at KAFB in Okinawa, Japan.
-She also was an assistant teacher at a private family school in New Mexico.
-Attended Dance Teacher Web Live Conference in CT August 2015
-Stephanie's past customer service and management skills are credited to working as a manager at a globally known specialty clothing store, office manager at a small advertising company, supervisory experience at a big box retail and a reservationist, ticket agent and ramp agent with the fourth largest commuter airline in the world.
-She has had the privilege of watching her two older daughters, Jenny and Josie; who is a current choreographer, dance at Studio 109, and now has the opportunity to watch her youngest of eight, Siena, do the same. She is one of the "original" competition team moms. The love of dance just runs in the family!

Stephanie Jones
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