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We offer instruction in voice, basic guitar and basic piano.  Each year, our talented musicians share what they have learned at the Spring Music Showcase.




Studio 109 offers piano lessons to beginner students of all ages. Students will learn how to read music, study piano technique and theory, and express themselves through the various styles of music. It is our goal that they discover the joy of music, sharing their gifts with family, friends and their community.



Voice class includes several factors that will be studied, and is designed to provide students with the opportunity to explore and develop their singing voice, to increase their music literacy, and learn to interpret vocal music. These elements are: using adequate breath management: developing an ear for and producing accurate intonation; developing resonance: producing pure vowel sounds: implementing proper diction: producing even scales through the blending of registration: and expanding repertoire to employ the above techniques with freedom and beauty.



Music is not merely the playing of notes on the page, but the ability to understand and interpret those notes in an emotionally meaningful fashion. If you have ever heard a player with competent technique, but no real understanding of MUSIC, you know what we mean when we say music is more, much more, than the notes on the page. In the end, the most important thing a teacher can give is an awareness of and a joy in music. You may be able to accomplish that yourself, but you’ll find the teachers experience, empathy, and knowledge will get you there faster and more enjoyably. Basic instrument instruction is designed to give students the opportunity to begin their music literacy, and playing skills. Students will have the opportunity to excel in the areas that are of particular interest, but will be expected to complete assignments in all other areas

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